Interview Process

If you have any additional questions please contact us for more information.

Our core belief is to share cancer studies with doctors and researchers. The information is valuable and needs a place to get exposure. Doctors and researchers are our most common audience.
CardiologyTalk Produces, Finds, and Distributes the latest, highest quality, and engaging multimedia to cardiologists, and researchers to pursue a cure for all heart and vascular diseases. We are the world's first and only video-sharing site for cardiology professionals.


How are the remote interviews coordinated?

• We conduct interviews between 9 am - 3 pm Pacific time daily. You can book your interview below if you like. We will confirm the time with a calendar invitation. Please make sure to include the email of the actual interviewee if booking on someone else's behalf (assistant, PR, etc)
Click Here To Schedule an Interview
• To schedule an interview for a CEO or other management team members from pharma please contact Allen Wilbanks at

Will our speaker require any software or tech?
• You only need a smartphone, tablet, or computer to participate.
• We do all of our interviews through Zoom, so no special software or tech is needed.

What type of video interview is this?
• The interview style is similar to a TV interview but it's conducted remotely and at your convenience.
• Our viewers or demographic are cardiologists. So you can speak at a high level.
• In-depth background on the data and conclusions are appreciated.

Things to note about the interview process.
• We have set standard questions that we ask all interviews that are general in nature. If you would like more specific questions asked we ask that you send them ahead of time for us to review.
• If anyone wants to sit in on the interview, we welcome it if the doctor needs any information. We only ask you to keep your video and microphone muted during the interview.
• There is no need for the doctor to introduce themselves. We have their name and affiliation on the screen.
• We edit the video so if the interviewee wants to take a break this can be accommodated.

Will our speaker be able to review it before it is published?

• Unfortunately no. Medicus Networks and CardiologyTalk maintain all editorial control over earned media.
• If there are errors in the data, titles, category, or other inaccuracies please contact us and we will correct them if it's possible.